DIY – Picture Ledge

We live in an apartment – and a smaller one at that. With only a touch over 900 sq. ft. we prize open space and not feeling cramped or claustrophobic. This typically isn’t an issue – except we couldn’t find a good spot to have our photos framed.

So, I hopped on Pinterest and was welcomed with a flood of images and tutorials on how to creating a wall gallery. As someone who likes to change up photos and loves the look of different frames – the idea of a never changing layout really didn’t excite me.

But then I saw picture ledges. The examples I saw were all on top of wainscoting but I was undeterred and asked the hubster to make one for our dining area.

Here is the dining area before the picture ledge:


And here is it with the few frames that we originally had on hand:


A little bland huh?

… and here it is now – with way more frames and happy memories

a Simple Spectacle

This small addition only cost about $15, and the hubster threw it together in about 30 minutes. I may stain it yet but I am undecided so I have left the wood raw for the moment. Either way, this project is not only easy peasy but flexible.

It is amazing how much something so simple and quick can have such an impact on your home. What are some simple but impactful things that you have done in your home?