2Thanks for stopping by! I am Christi – a generally easy going person living in Wisconsin with my husband, and two dogs (Marlow & Ray Ray). I love doing crafty and DIY projects – mainly knitting and crochet, as well as spray painting everything metallic because why wouldn’t you? My plan B for most projects involves drinking a glass of wine.

Non-crafty interests of mine include camping, running, games (tabletop and video mainly), volunteering, and pups.

1Hubster and I met while we were both going to college, one thing led to another and we tied the knot a few years later! One of the many things that we love to do together is eat. Oops – I meant cook (which has the happy result of eating later on). I was diagnosed with sever gluten intolerance about 7 years ago and it was an adventure to figure what gluten even was!

Now, we are embarking on the journey into canning and growing (eek!) our own foods so we shall see how that pans out….

We are proud puppy parents to two rapscallions that keep our home crazy.

3Marlow was our first pup – we got him about six months after we were married. The best guess of his breed is a Yorkie-Poo and Australian Cattle dog mutt mix. His favorite activities include napping, barking at the mailman, and snuggling.

During his annual check-up in 2014 we received the devastating news that he had an auto-immune disorder. Lucky for us, we caught it in time. Unlucky for Marlow, this meant he wasn’t allowed in dog parks or doggy day care anymore. So, about 8 months after Marlow was diagnosed we decided to get him a buddy!

4Ray Ray (real name: Ray Charles) is a rescue dog who was surrendered because he was blind and his old owners didn’t want him around their newborn. Upon bringing him home we discovered that he may have been treated poorly by a female in the household so we had a little bit of loving re-conditioning to do. Now, he will curl up with any female that comes in and no longer acts out. Like his brother, he enjoys napping and cuddling.

At any rate – this is my life, and this blog is share my adventures (or mis-adventures as the case may be) with peeps like yourself. Enjoy!


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