Updated Retro Bedspread

I love color. It makes me happy, and makes our home cozy and inviting. It makes me happy and I feel energetic every time I see a bright “pop”. So, it is somewhat of a mystery on why I continue to knit and crochet items in neutral colors. This became very evident when I kept gripping about how ‘blah’ our bedroom looked to the hubster. For some reason we have been able to throw color every where else in our home but our bedroom has been lagging.

About a year ago I mentioned this to my darling hubby who had the most appropriate response: “So why don’t you just crochet a blanket that isn’t beige?”

Leave it to the hubster to point out the obvious. Leave it to me to not think about it.

To give you an idea of how beige-y our bedroom was, here is a before picture. Yup, that is a beige afghan on a natural wood bed set against a beige wall. All the levels of beigi-ness was overwhelmingly b..o..r..i..n..g.

a Simple Spectacle (1)

You will notice that there is a yellow afghan on the bed – which helped and gave the room a good pop of color. That afghan had to be removed from the bed and has since found a new home with a dear friend due to Ray Ray getting tangled up in it within about two seconds.

Apparently blind dogs and holey afghans don’t get along… who knew?

So, I went to a pattern that I have been admiring in Crochet Lace for a few years. This book has some beautiful patterns – reconstructed from vintage and retro patterns updated and recreated in more modern yarns. It is the Popcorn Diamond afghan pattern on the cover.  Using Red Heart Supersaver in Real Teal and a size G hook – I got started.

Then the holidays happened and the bedspread wasn’t touched for two months.

But, the holidays came and went and with my sanity (mostly) intact I picked it up and finished it.


BOOM! Color. I apologize for the lousy photos but all I have is my cell phone so you will have to imagine it less fuzzy.


Here is a close up of the pattern. I love the pattern of the stars and how it matches the start (which are actually a pretty shade of brick red not black) on our walls.

It was a really simple and quick afghan – I would recommend it to anyone. 100% of this afghan was created, assembled, and finished in front of the TV while talking to the hubster.


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